In the #StoryYourVision workshop I support the participants in collectively unfolding their ideas in new visual ways. With the help of Instagram-Stories, they visualise their thoughts to create collective visions. Thus, the participants will not only learn how to do better layer-based stories with Instagram- or other smartphone apps – and in this way attract interest in their content, they will also develop together, how to collectively solve problems and contextualise their surroundings by covering the environment with symbolic meanings.
The workshop will be divided into a mixture of theory, practice and excursion to galleries, exhibitions or events. But in the first place, we will do a lot of experimenting. Let`s explore and test the borders of collective contemporary visual storytelling together.

The first workshop took place in September 2016 and also in 2017 during the festival Z2X – das Festival der neuen Visionäre in Berlin. ZEIT ONLINE invited over 600 participants aged 20 to 29 years to take part in 80 sessions where they would discuss new startups, initiatives and ideas “to create a better world”.